Places To Visit Following Lockdown

Places To Visit Following Lockdown

Having spent weeks indoors; it has opened my eyes to all the things we took for granted before the country went into temporary lockdown.

I have created a somewhat ‘Bucket List’ of all the things I plan to do once this temporary lockdown is lifted.

Please share your own ‘Bucket Lists’ via our Facebook as I would love to hear what you have planned; not only is it interesting to hear but I may even be inspired to update my own activity list.

Small Breeds Farm Park and Owl Centre

Visiting this Park is always something I have wanted to do. This farm provides a magical farming experience for all the family to enjoy. A farm where you can experience the company of many wonderful rare miniature animals, birds and all varieties of owls. With this ‘hands-on’ experience children will be amazed by the cute and cuddly animals.

There is wheelchair access to all areas of the farm, with free mobility scooter loan on site.

The Judges Lodging

Literally 10 minutes from Presteigne Holiday Park! I have always been intrigued by the law and the legal system as well as history; I am shocked that I am still yet to visit The Judges Lodging. The restored judges’ apartments packed with original artefacts is a Grade 2 listed museum offering the ‘hands-on’ experience of being able to wander through the judge’s lodgings, the courtroom to even the damp cells. Allowing for the enthralling glimpse into the Victorian legal system and the contrasting lives of the judges to the poor prisoner folk in 19th-century domestic life.

Children are encouraged to get involved through studying the books, pumping the water to the kitchen to even sitting in the judge’s chair. This ‘hands-on’ involvement means families and children can truly feel for themselves what life was like in a Victorian house.

The National Cycle Museum

I’ve cycled around Presteigne Holiday Park from all angles; whether it be mountain biking in Smatcher Forest or road cycling around the quaint New Radnor village so visiting this museum showing the history of one of my hobbies is a must for me. If you’re interested in the history of bikes here’s a place to go. There’s a collection of 260 bicycles from an 1818 Hobby Horse to Tandems, Penny Farthings and tricycles. Friends who have visited in the past have posted pictures and it looks a fantastic day out.

Kington Golf Club

One of my many New Year’s Resolutions was to take my golfing far more seriously; luckily just down the road from Presteigne Holiday Park; we have Kington Golf Club which boasts an 18-hole course. This friendly golf club welcomes golfers of all ages and abilities. The course itself at its highest point rises to 1284 ft above sea-level thereby offering a magnificent unrivalled panoramic view of seven historic Counties and The Brecon Beacons, The Black Mountains, The Malvern Hills, The Shropshire and Clee Hills.

The clubhouse offers an excellent array of food and refreshments ready for the hungry golfer rendering Kington Golf Club a must-play destination. Before returning back to Presteigne Holiday Park I may have to call in for a pint or two at The Stagg Inn.

The Space Guard Centre

The Space Guard Centre makes the top of my places to visit; I have always been fascinated by space. This working observatory provides the UK’s main source of information
about near Earth objects comprising of asteroids and comets. The observatory itself sits high atop a remote hill enclosed by the stunning Welsh Marches.

The Judge’s Lodgings Ghost Hunt

A good friend of mine; a fright seeker, had great words to say of the Ghost Hunt at The Judge’s Lodgings which is said to be haunted by the spirits of the prisoners, servants and Judges.

The ghost hunt will allow you to explore all areas of the lodgings, with the added experience of the freeze in fright group pendulum experiment and Ouija boards allowing you to communicate with the deceased.

The Judge’s Lodgings was investigated by the Most Haunted (popular British paranormal reality TV series) team. The episode aired in 2017 shows the cold jail cell doors unexplainably slamming with un-godly noises, including growls and grunts being heard.


One possible silver lining I can take from this current crisis; is to appreciate life and its experiences that I before took for granted.

Please share with us your own ‘Bucket List’ of all the things you plan to do once this temporary lockdown is lifted.


We are all in this together. I see a wartime mentality remerging, something that our generation didn’t think that we would ever see again. People are definitely looking out for one another. Even strangers are reaching out to help each other within their communities

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