Static Caravans – A Buyer’s Guide


Static Caravans – A Buyer’s Guide

Owning a static caravan is becoming an increasingly popular option for a number of reasons. First and foremost it allows for greater flexibility allowing holiday makers to come and go as they please without being tied to rigid holiday plans. It also offers a guaranteed holiday with minimal planning involved. Another factor which is adding to the appeal of owning a static caravan or other type of holiday home has been the period of political uncertainty over the last few years. The subsequent drop of value and continuous fluctuations of the pound has many opting to stay in the UK in a home away from home, rather than travel abroad.

As with any type of larger purchase, careful planning and consideration is involved when buying a static caravan.


How far is the park from your home? On average, most people prefer their caravan to be within a 1 to 2-hour drive from their home. As well as proximity, another consideration to bear in mind are the personal interests of you and your family, what activities are there to do in the local area? If, for example, walking or going to the coast are main interests, is the park suitably located for this? What do the nearby towns have to offer and are there any other local attractions?

Park Facilities

Static caravan parks offer varying facilities, some may have more recreational activities than others – swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses etc. therefore, it may be a good idea to compare different parks to see what they have on offer and if that suits the individual needs and requirements of your family, such as entertainment for small children, playgrounds, games rooms and so forth. Or alternatively, if you are looking for peace and quiet, a park which caters for small children may not be the ideal choice.

Presteigne Holiday Park offers some fantastic free facilities, including Crazy Golf, a children’s playground and access to some stunning forest walks.

On-site Fees

Always read the small print – check exactly what is included in the park’s site fees in terms of pitch fees and other expenditures such as gas, electricity and water. Most parks have mains electricity and water but use gas canisters for cooking facilities – all of which is typically charged.

Read more about our fees here.

Park Rules & Regulations

Different parks have varying rules and regulation, for example, if you are intending to sublet your static caravan, not all parks will allow this. Some caravans allow pets, whereas others do not or may only allow specific pets.

The Static Caravan

When choosing a static caravan, the key considerations are as follows:

  • Your budget – this is one of the most important parts of the purchasing process and should include not only the cost of buying the static caravan itself but also the monthly running costs, such as site fees, maintenance etc. The model, age, size and spec of the caravan will of course be reflected in its price.
  • The size of the static caravan – will it be big enough to accommodate your needs and those of your family?
  • Do you like the layout and internal features of the caravan?
  • Are you happy with the location of the park, the facilities it has to offer and the location of the static caravan within the park itself?

Finance Options

There are a number of finance arrangements available for static caravans which may be a helpful and viable option for those unable to make an outright purchase.

How We Can Help

Presteigne Holiday Park is a family-run Powys caravan park located in the beautiful Mid Wales countryside in a scenic location. Our park benefits from a variety of facilities and offers a range of on-site static caravans for sale. Get in touch today for more information regarding purchasing and finance arrangements.


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